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The Show.

First aired on Monday 20th April 2020 in the heat of the Covid-19
pandemic. A non-partisan, free Instagram Live Show hosted at 3 pm GMT every Monday on @ImpactWithDJ. The host for “The Show” is Debra-Jane Nelson and the purpose of the show is to educate/inform the viewers on the episode’s topic with the aim to impact their lives through the interactive hour between the host and guest.

Impact Your World With Debra-Jane (#IYWWDJ) has been segmented into 4 seasons per year and 10 episodes per season. Each season has a theme. The post view recording of Seasons 1 to 4 (40 Episodes) can be found on Instagram: @ThinkMahogany. And the post view recording of Seasons 5 to present can be found on Instagram: @ImpactWithDJ
All seasons and episodes will soon be on YouTube: Debra Jane

The Impact We Make, Takes A Collective Effort.

“Availing ourselves to make an impact and important difference in the lives of
those whom God puts in our realm of influence.”

Personal Injury
Traffic Accidents
Business Litigation

Season One

The Discovery Season

Season Two

The Empowerment Season

Season Three

The Political Season

Season Four

The Love Season

Season Five

The Entrepreneurial Season

Season Six

The Good Health & Well-Being Season

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